Oigovoz collects some personal information during registration process, such as email address and name. Oigovoz will not share any user information with anybody unless required by law. Oigovoz will notify users about any significant privacy policy changes by putting a notice right here 30 days before the changes become effective.

1. Personal Information
Personal information sent to Oigovoz is confidential and treated as such. Oigovoz will never share any user data with anyone unless required by law. Oigovoz staff is allowed to access user data in order to provide support and improve service quality. Oigovoz reserves the right to share reports which don’t include user personal information with partners in order to improve our services.

2. Web Browser Cookies
Oigovoz uses web browser cookies in order to store user session information and preferences for better user experience and to keep user logged in.

3. Questions
Please email us [email protected] if you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy.